of course - its Townes van Zandt...

It's Townes van Zandt.  Interrupting my thinking.

Of course it is.  Be here to love me.

And where is he?  That man who said he would be here in the morning.  How many times have I heard that crap.  Seriously. 

I do wonder if folks see me as damaged goods.  I have a lot of weaknesses.  My inability to drive in traffic and highways for one.  My need for naps and rest.  Having to continuously survive this disease by taking care of my Self - every day, creating a feeling of self-centeredness. 

MS does effect your life - more than most believe.  We can go around on many Western medicines and ignore the symptoms.  But the symptoms are telling us something.  They are indicators to change your way of living.  I don't think that I consider myself damaged goods but I must in some ways because it's a recurring theme in my Self dicussions. More on this later.  


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