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Friday.  Grateful Dead rocking my headphones.  Time to chill and rewind.  What a strange couple of weeks.  The relapse.  I pushed and my body pushed back.  The cold.  I pushed and my body pushed back even harder.  There was no decision to be made - my relapse was here to stay. 

My Shen-Cleanse was a release.  Timing was right, energy good.  The other day I was lost for over two hours in a beautiful, renergizing, releasing spiraling yoga practice.   Books upon books.  Fire upon fire.  And the naps.  Oh what luxury I took. 

And then this week.  After rain-showers and mud-slide fears we are experiencing 90 degree summer days.  We might just get some little growies up in the hills before more rain.  I even heard chatter about opening the local ski areas, well Mt. Waterman.  don't think there's anything left of Kratka Ridge, or whatever they called it during it's demise.  Now that was a Beer Cellar! 

Healthy to have fun memories. Healthier to make fun memories. Today, riding about on this beautiful day, I captured a memory I hope to never lose.  The rhythm of the oaks, on three different mounts.  Friends and family around.  Happiness, sunshine, a refreshing day. 

Off to enjoy the multiples sclerosis.  It's a good reason to sit back and chill.  It is the play-off's and the Dodgers won.  Angels and Yankees playing now.  L8R G8R

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