Me Time

Me time - a critical part of life whether one has MS or not.  But today, Monday, is Me day.  No meetings.  No errands.  Time to relax and rebuild.  Some work, catching up on paperwork, admin type stuff.  A production meeting with Self which I do while walking Ellie Hound.  I have several fun projects in the works right now.  Helping some friends out with some marketing work.  Printing photography - Oh, that might be an errand. I'm out of toner, again.  Time to feed the monster again.

But it's also time to take care of me:   laundry, exercise, meditation, education, reading, friends, family, nature, life.  And that is my priority today.  So - Off to enjoy.

I did have some beautiful early morning time with Isabel Allende and her Ines of My Soul. What beauty in storytelling.  Between Isabel's words and the Seattles Best coffee in the french press, it has been splendid already.

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