Finally...a respite from the MS

Today is definitely a new day.  Yesterday I had foot-drop going on and could barely walk the little schnoodle.  shnoodle.  however you spell it, that's what I was walking.  And then I kicked it into gear for a meeting.  My only social outing of the week. 

 I'm not sure what it was exactly that healed me this time but most likely a combination of medicine, rest and quiet.  It surely wasn't nutrition.  Not to bash lasagna, spinach souffle and mac n' cheese but my greens were definitely absorbed via ShenTrition. I even consumed mass quantities of candy and junk food:  caramel popcorn, vanilla pudding, licorice and ButterFingers. Processed foods - the WORST for MSers.  And here I was consuming as if there was no tomorrow. 

Fortunately my relapse coincided with a house-sitting gig resulting in absolute peace and quiet for five days. 

Many folks do not understand how much energy it can take to just listen to someone, when you are feeling weak with MS.  I call it sensory overload.  The voice, the energy, the hand movements.  And then add several people into the fray.  It's debilitating for MSers.  And then we require attitude adjustments like right now when the iTune dj just kicked on some 'dead.  "Greatest story ever told" to be accurate. 

The 'dead is just what I need to continue my slow flow into the morning. 

After my morning constitutional and some rich, dark decaf Peet's coffee, I finally inspired to turn on the computer and put on a little music.  Four days to re-energize.  My legs have stopped charlie-horsing.  Fingers obviously functioning a bit better.  I probably have enough energy to use a gas pedal. 

But no need to do anything but rest for another day.  My body is still healing. Today is Saturday and although I would love to attend the farmer's market I am not ready, physically.  I will watch some football.  Do some WSJ crosswords.  I wrapped up my book last night so will wait until I return home to pick up a new one.  A few chores will keep me moving and stretching a bit.  But not too much. 

BOUNDARIES - a most important word in terms of multiple sclerosis. 

Define them.  Set them.  Review them.  Be flexible but firm.  This is your health you are talking about.  These boundaries are for you.  They aren't for friends or families, no matter what their sob story is.  This is about you.  About me.  We have to take care of ourselves.  There is no one that knows you better than you.  Repeat after me:  I know my Self better than anyone.  I am in continual communications with my Self.  I am a my own best friend.  

Stay on that soap box! 

I'm off to eat something.  Famished actually.  A good thing. 

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