Blog Entry dated 1/28/09 6:53 PM

Today was a bit of an MS day.  My fault exactly.  I sipped a bit too much whiskey last night then got up and rode four horses.  Not the healthiest or wisest approach. Time to settle down now. 

Went and saw Doubt today.  Incredibly tight in all aspects.  Dug it.  Tried Benjamin Button yesterday. Wanted to like it.  But it didn't do it for me.

Tomorrow I'm heading up for some wine tasting in Santa Ynez.  Taking a day off the horses for which my body will greatly appreciate. 

The cool thing is I got to ride Mac today. He's my type of horse.  Just dig that little fellow... 

I can feel the inflamation in my legs as I sit here.  And it's not from the laptop.  I am inflamed.  I double dosed my shentrition with aloe and had some good ice water, but I'm inflamed. Probably doing permanent damage to my nerves.  Time for water and tea.  maybe and Ibu though they are not my favorite.  But it's better than letting my body heat up too much. That can't be good for it. 

Am off to watch some Family Guy.  Sleep well and here's to another day closer in finding feasible solutions for multiple sclerosis.

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