MS on a different level

One thing you do not want to do with MS is stay up really late, drinking lots of red wine and eating mass quantities of fondue. Now granted, many movies were watched, friends were close, laughter loud...but no, that's not something to do with MS.  At least if you do it, then make sure you have nothing much planned the next day that involves using heavy equipment. I found brainstorming to work...

School is more challenging than expected. The many changes in my physical and mental life. Last week I was worried about my vision failing me on the highway.  That I would misjudge. I was fine.  But I am conscience of every piece of energy going in and out of this body.  The water I'm drinking now.  The work I'm getting done. The stress releasing. 

Tomorrow is a Monday and that is a big day.  School at the end.  Meetings in between.  goal:  Not to over due before school.  Tomorrow is week four.  There will only be ten left,  I'm enjoying the heck out of it, don't get me wrong.  But I will be glad to have one less thing on my plate. 

Life management.  that's what MS is about.  Among other things.  But if you don't make changes and expect your medications to make everything OK than you're in for a different disease. MS defines itself through your subconscience. 

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