Blog Entry dated 1/21/09 3:36 PM

My laptop is doing the most annoying thing. Somehow it thinks that Times New Roman is some other, artsy funky font I downloaded for a project.  Just something else to figure out. 


Riding has been a great move for me.  Getting that blood flowing. And I'm really sweating.  Today was humid.  I had a polo shirt on under a light breathable windbreaker and I soaked it good.  I think this is good for MS. We're told to stay away from the heat (I don't necessarily agree). I don't have the guts to mt. bike these trails around here anymore and what else, running?  body too beat up.  Swimming?  The smell of chlorine was ok for the first few years.  I like my senior sniff and strolls with the hound dog. In fact I think it's good for me to slow down.  The riding revs me up. The strolls slow me down.  and I did AIM on Monday.  my version of Yoga - Attentive Integrative Movement.  Love it. I could feel the gerbils escaping from my body as it turned into the liquidy gel it should be. 


I wish I would hear from the Montel Williams MS Foundation.  There is much that I want to share about my experiences with the situation in order to help others.  Watch this spot...

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