Mutliple Sclerosis (MS) as seen a different way

Welcome to the start of what will most likely be a random stream of consciousness from me about my experiences with multiple sclerosis (MS). Folks have asked for a book, suggested a blog, and here we go.

I haven't much control over my right ring finger right now making typing accurately a bit more of a challenge. And there went the wave of the little left finger about to go. I deserve it. Made some big life changes and didn't adjust my diet until yesterday.

I started riding horses again. It's been fifteen years. That's a whole nother story for a later time. Today it's about right now. Feeling inflamed. My adrenal glands worked over time while I was riding. It was such a thrill to be back riding. To be moving. I did quite a bit of white water kayaking and mt. biking when I wasn't riding. Always, I had movement. But not lately. Some walking here and there.

I've been building up with some movement as I cycle train on my bike but my balance isn't as such to feel confident on the road/hills around here. The riding is instinctual for me. And the need for it in my life is driving me beyond my MS boundaries. So I need to adjust my lifestyle accordingly.

Yesterday I rode three. I was flushed for hours. I had to catch my breath on several occasions. I'm out of shape. it felt incredible. Had to fight myself to commit to no riding on Sundays so I have a full day off. But yesterday, rode three. Then enjoyed a couple of beers during the beautiful sunset and chatted with friends online. Topped the night off with a "hot noddy" of dandelion root tea and makers mark bourbon. And I apologize up front for all of you bourbon enthusiasts out there for the mutilation of your lovely product, I just often don't need that much heat.

Between the increase in adrenal activity from riding, the increase from coffee that morning and the alcohol in the evening, it's no wonder my body was craving cooked vegetables and fruit for dinner. I prefer cooked vegetables when my body is feeling sensitive as it's easier for the body to absorb the nutrients.

Then this morning, after my inflaming coffee habit, I noticed a small outbreak of psoriasis. Eeeek! That is complete sign of a push on the MS. So I immediately made a noni-cooler: ShenTrition (look it up - another story but it rocks!), Aloe Vera juice (Trader Joes) and chill water.

I drank my noni-cooler while on an extremely slow sniff and stroll with Ellie, the ol' hound dog of yore. Then, after returning home and doing some chores, I enjoyed another noni-cooler. it was time to double down!

My right hand is beginning to cramp. A sign to get off the computer. Until another day folks...

There is so much I want to share. That I need to share about this disease. I have yet to meet a doctor that understands it in it's entirety. Whatever your beliefe is of Western or Eastern medicine. Native amercan herbal treatments, whatever! It's a mix of everything. It's a life change. A life style adjustment. It's a forced retirement from who you knew yourself to be. If you have faith and patience, trust me on this. The retirement is worth it. The changes are worth it. You will fight them as I did and as I continue to. But the rogress is enlightening to the soul.

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