Whiskey lullaby, MS, Tingling and ...

I found a start of an old post from 2009. How life has changed!  So grateful that I kept so many journals and diaries during my battle with Multiple sclerosis. I surely couldn't remember all of this.

"Maybe not the best song to start off the night - whiskey lullaby, Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss.  But early morning duties will keep put this bird to bed appropriately tonight.  MS was acting up in annoying ways today.  The tingling, numbness, cramping.  I lost use of my right hand during a meeting tonight.  I haven't even been doing that much lately.

I've been eating mucho healthy, lots of cooked greens, light protein, no caffeine, no wine except for tonight.  Hmmm.  The weather has been cool.  My yoga session yesterday was rewarding as well as today. but yesterday was strong and focused.  Riding has been good.  I cried during one ride today, just trotted and cried. My friend lost her father the other day.  I'm a bit over emotional.  Hmmm.  The MS is up.  Emotions on a rise.  Must be that moon soon..."

Just thought it was interesting.  I was more active back in 09 but my MS feels better managed today.

Now to combine an increase in activities with my balanced life to go from a 6 to a 10 this April. Have you started your April reboot?   It's time!

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