Self-Care Challenge #6: Be Positive

Time to "Make a Change - Make a Difference"!

Challenge #


For five days be aware of your mind wandering.  
Watch out for those negative thoughts coming into play.  
Turn it positive!   

Then record your feeling in the MyJournal section of the Health Storylines App.

Register at the Health Storylines App,  
use the My Journal tool.

Sometimes we find our minds wandering down roads unwanted.  
Be aware and make a change!

1.     Carefully and with intention watch your thoughts. 

2.     Are they helpful and positive?  or negative?  

3.     Make a change and be positive.

4.     Record feelings in My Journal

5.     Share the moment:  #selfcareMVMT

Let these intentions carry you away into a beautiful positive life.  

Register at the Health Storylines App,  
use the My Journal tool.


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Because together we’ve got this!

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Be Positive!

Register at the Health Storylines App,  

use the My Journal tool.


brought to you by Caroline Craven, GirlwithMS, Self-Care Catalysts and Health Storylines

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