3-Day ReBoot! Cleanse and Restore for a New You!


Do you love Spring time?  Time to Cleanse and Restore! 

Join us for the Group ReBoot - August 1,2,3
or Choose 3 Days of your choice!

3-day Guided Cleanse & ReBoot

Join me and find a healthier level of living. DM me for more info! 818-585-5660


(2) 15-minute mini Coaching Sessions
1-hour life coaching session (via phone or Skype)
3-Day guided diet review/cleanse and reBoot
EasyYoga Routine

Springtime is renewal. As the plants and flowers use this time to bud out, I also use it to recharge and break out of the winter duldrums. I love taking on a new challenge this time of year and focusing on cleansing my body is my goal in 2017. There is a real feeling of accomplishment when you honor your body with compassion.
It is the perfect time to renew your health, and I have the perfect tools to get the job done. While some of us started our detox a couple weeks ago for MSreboot Camp, it's never too late! And we're kicking some MSbootie. Make goals, keep a journal and let's ReBoot this MS out the door!

only $25 for this package worth $175

Space Limited!

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