Can't sleep! Time to visualize...

Ugh! Had a fulfilling day, good healthy dinner, some wine, fell asleep and boom was awake at 1am. That was nearly 3 hours ago.

I read, caught up on social media, emails and more. Had a couple glasses of water. Legs are a twitching tho and I hate this feeling. Ended up taking half a klonopin but not sure that was best solution. Probably could use some Calm supplement but its in the other room and I don't want to wake up the house. Note to self, "keep Calm in bathroom".

Lemons are another good resource for leg cramps and fitful sleeps. Note to self, "keep lemon juice by bed at night".

So what to do? Visualize!

Visualize and feel the rhythm to rock me back to sleep. Horses of course!

Eyes closed, horse beneath me, I visualize the gait. The rhythm. The movement. I feel the horse and breathe from her the positive energy of life.

Four beats. Hip relaxed. The movement of walking without the effort. It's a blessing, this riding a horse with MS. A true blessing.

Because I ride I will overcome MS. Because I take care of myself I will overcome MS. Because I breathe I will overcome MS. Because I wrote this I will now sleep and overcome MS...



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