Busy busy with social media

Twitter has become a great family for my MS. Anytime of day or night there is someone who seems to feel your pain. Greatly appreciate the world wide MS survivors whom I've met. Join the conversation @theGirlwithMS. In addition been busy with Facebook at http://Facebook.com/GirlwithMS. Especially those days when the Ms seems intolerable and we need to stay in bed. Don't underestimate the power do social media for our health and well being.

And most fun is that I've been working on MS on the Road, a cross country journey for a couple of friends and horses. 48 states tracking the perfect MS weather and building awareness for #MultipleSclerosis.

Lots to consider. Right now I'm just getting over my second cold in two weeks. Maybe MS is in remission?

Much more to come... off to watch the final four...


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