Bath tub yoga after a fun filled Night!

Ah, Valentine's Day is upon us. Last night we had 12 for dinner and it was lovely. Old friends and all couples except me. But that was A OK! Laughter and good times were had by all.

But man can I feel it today! There must be several fault lines going off in my legs with tremors reaching a good 6.7 on the Richter scale. I've had several glasses of water and some Passion flower tea to calm the nerves. But alas, bigger measures are needed.

Time for bath tub yoga! Yes, that's how this girl with MS gets her day moving. After a quiet morning of prayer and meditation then reading of a novel (The Great Leader by one of my favorites, Jim Harrison), my day slowly progresses into electronics including twitter, blogger, emails, Facebook and more. And then....Bath Tub yoga time. It's amazing how much stretching one can do in the tub when muscles are soft and pliable.

I start by standing outside the tub as the water starts to flow. The sound is pleasing and inspiring to me. I turn on some music. I pray and open my heart and soul to the earth and sky to feed and nourish me. And then begins the Qigong breathing and swirling exercises. Slowly as my body awakes, I flow into some deeper stretching then slip into the tub.

Squatting on my heels I slowly stretch my legs forward releasing the quadriceps with care. Stretching tall and backwards, gently, the quads are massaged, a bit like taffy being pulled back and forth, letting go of tensions and anxiety held within the body. Releasing from this pose I scuttle to my bum.

Crossing my legs "indian style" I fold forward into a modified pigeon, switching legs so as to stretch the hips on both sides. Then with feet out in from of me I fold forward grabbing my big toes. Then breathing in I reach forward with my neck and back looking upward toward the heavens while sending energy to my hamstrings against the tub floor. On the exhale I fold over, relaxing my legs and feeling the compassion between the moment of flexion prior to the settling in of my bones within its flesh.

Breathing. Aware of every nerve. Of every muscle. Where does my body need the help?

I might take a twist. One leg extended in front. The other folded up with knee to chest, simply twist to left or right, sitting tall and looking up or back. Every move in the tub is done with deliberation and intent. Be slow and aware. Do not push your limits. This is the time to connect with your inner resources for the day and see where you stand, literally.

Outside the tub I continue my practice. A bear hug, more pigeon, wherever my body seems to need it. Or my mind for that matter.

Shoulders are a good on inside and outside the tub. You choose. I'm just the inspiration.

In fact, I'm off right now to do some bath tub yoga and get my day on!




Teresa said...

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