Meditation for Peace

Love this post from Llayaqa Holistic Fitness:

Here's a meditation recommended from Abby's Energy Healing Page for Tomorrow:

If you can repeat this meditation every day for the next five days, your participation will greatly enhance the quality of light in the world - believe me, you matter, and every thought you have matters.

Please sit for as long as you are able to, in a quiet space of love. You may need a notebook at the end of this to write down any ideas that come to you during this practice.

Clear your mind of your expectations. Visualise the planet Earth being surrounded with loving light. Visualise this light coming right down into the centre of the earth, feeding and nurturing the planet. Visualise the people, the animals, the oceans, the savannahs, the grasslands, the mountains being healed. See the smiling faces on strangers in lands you’ve never been to. See the fish swimming in clear, crystal waters. See the bears, the tigers, the elephants living fearlessly in their homelands. See the children of the world growing up loved, safe and happy.

Now bring your hands to your heart. Breathe the love from this white light into your own body, and allow all elements of fear to be dissolved away. Give the light your limiting beliefs, breathe out any old patterns, any family histories, any stories that hold you stuck in your life right now. Breathe in joy, hope and happiness. Breathe in your dreams for the future, for yourself and for your family.

Breathe in your hopes for the world.

Stay with this for as long as you can. Then let it go.Ask for any messages that are for you, anything that is needed for the world that you can do to help. Write it down and make a commitment to carry out any actions on your list, and you can be part of this change.

In love and light for the future and all of us together in it,


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