Life coach for MS

The time has come! This Girl with MS is opening doors as a life coach for those effected by multiple sclerosis. Need a sounding board? Just diagnosed? Tons of questions about all of the medicine your doctor is giving you? Want to THRIVE?! Then let's do it!

Diagnosed in 2001, this Girl with MS has seen a lot! From losing my ability to see and walk, I had to start from scratch. First of all, what is MS? I had no idea.

Several months later I was able to walk and see with more regularity. Then I was accepted into a Three year double blind study at USC for an actual MS vaccine! After three years of being off western drugs, ie the ABC shots, and coming up with my own system of holistic nutrition and life style changes, this Girl with MS rocked the study Coming out healthier then anyone else!

I'm now taking this knowledge and ten more years of thriving with MS to share with you!

Personal consultation, phone/Skype consults, group sessions and presentations are all available for your health! Call me today at 818-585-5660.

Who would have ever believed that I would be able to ride in Ecuador with photography gear. Now that's what I call THRIVING with MS!


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