The Olympics, First Ladies and Multiple Sclerosis

Many of us have heard of Ann Romney's multiple sclerosis, but had not realized that First Lady Michelle Obama's father death was attributed to MS. An avid athlete, Francis Robinson III went from a competitive boxer and swimmer to couch-sitting, wishful thinker in a matter of years. This is one of the worst feelings ever! To feel so incapacitated after being so active. And to be good at something with higher aspirations than one's body will allow. But the Olympics inspire. They inspired Francis Robinson III and they inspire this girl with MS.

While meeting with the US athletes, The First Lady shared her story, growing up in south side Chicago and how the Olympics inspired her ailing father. Encouraging the athletes to continue to inspire a diverse range of people around the world.

Click here for Interview with Michelle Obama about her father, MS and the inspiration provided by the Olympics..

Ann, Wife of presidential nominee Mitt Romney, is no stranger to MS, Olympics and horses. While involvement with the Olympics help inspire it is her riding that helps keep her MS on the mellow.

Click here for interview with Ann Romney and her MS, the Olympics and horses.

One equestrian with multiple sclerosis has made it on the Paralympic team in dressage in 2012. Mary Jordan has never had day in her life without MS. The third member of her family diagnosed with the disease, Mary's dad was a quadriplegic whom she never saw stand or walk.

Mary is hoping to inspire others to live out their dreams. She not only competes for people suffering from multiple sclerosis, but also for her 15-year-old son, Tristan. Click here for more on Mary Jordan.

Well, she's inspiring the heck out of this girl with MS!

All of these ladies and their struggles with the disease are great stories. Ones I needed to hear this first day of the Olympic games, London 2012.


The late Amy Tryon, former Olympic athlete.


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