Heat, Dehydration and Use of Legs with MS

Well, it was a bit warm yesterday. Went to Descanso Gardens for a stroll but didn't have my cooling vest on and could have used it. It wasn't just the high temps but an accumulation of MS stressors. Had lunch with an old friend. A much needed visit. Then cooked for family and played cards. Rested until my next guest arrived at 9:30pm. Stayed up and had another much needed enjoyable visit. Slept and awoke to some more friends visiting from Alaska. Another long awaited visit. And of course during these times enjoyed great food, wine, family and fun. But with these high temperatures, There is no real relief from the heat.

Other than staying inside next to the A/C, it's just too warm. And though I drank quite a bit of water yesterday it wasn't enough. My legs charlie horses and cramped during the night. I took half a klonopin at two different times in the night. But woke up feeling like my calves were made out of shredded cheese. Time to hydrate and rest!

As the legs tingle the day begins to unfold. Ways to make my legs feel better:

  • Stretching
  • Body brushing
  • Bath/stimulation
  • Water
  • Coffee. Doesn't make my legs feel better but keeps me grooving!
The tingling is mostly in my calves. The small muscles in my legs. If it was cooler I'd go for a walk. But alas, I shall hide by the A/C.

Off to fill my big glass with water and end this tingling once and for all!


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