Time to reflect. Briefly. Before the onslaught of tasks for the day.

I am so fortunate for my life. When I was diagnosed with MS in 2001, all I asked the doctor was if it would kill me. I knew nothing about MS except it was a difficult name to say under an MS attack effecting one's speech. And though it has been an often difficult journey these past ten years, it's been well worth it.

Life is different. I am no longer the uptight, get it done, executive worried about making everyone happy except those that waste my time. Today it's different. I am different. Life is different. I still push myself to limits but in a more relaxed state of mine. A healthier state of mind.

I removed a lot of stressors from my life in order to accomplish this. I sold my house in Oregon. Left the corporate world. Moved in with my parents. Rebuilt my life. Am rebuilding my life. Let's hope that doesn't stop anytime soon!

I no longer crave to own many things. Material goods, beyond what truly makes me happy, are continuously being purged from my life. If it doesnt have to do with family, friends, food, books, a laptop, photography, fishing, horses, it doesn't belong. Forced into retirement doesn't allow for many extras. My chosen life of simpler times doesn't either. Less stuff. Less stress.

Happiness is swelling through me as I experience new feelings of contentment. Not complacency but contentment. Wow. Content and liking it! My family and friends are amazing. I wouldn't change a thing. My life is amazing. And I owe it to my friends, family and faith for they are my community. I am here and well because of all three. God Bless everyone in my life!

And a big shout out to La Canada Presbyterian church and my family where I was raised to have faith and love in life. And that I do. That, I do.





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