Self-care Challenge 9: Get moving!

Time to "Make a Change - Make a Difference"!

Challenge #9


For five days choose to get moving!
Remind yourself that you are worthy of a healthy life.

Wellness begins in the heart. 

You do not have to run a marathon or compete in an iron man.  Just get up and get moving!  Can’t get up?  We get it. Swing and sway in your chair. Play some music. Get the blood flowing. 

 You did not do anything to deserve this illness.  But there is something you can do to change it.  You can take control.  You can practice "Self-Care".  

Take action toward wellness with the Health Storylines App by recording your feelings in the MyJournal.

"I am worthy of a healthy life"

1.     Carefully and with intention get moving. 

2.     Play some music. Feel it in your blood. 

3.     Make a change and move to the beat of the world!

4.     Record feelings in My Journal

5.     Share the moment:  #selfcareMVMT

Let these intentions carry you away into a beautiful positive life.  


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Because together we’ve got this!

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Smile at the World!

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