Do Not Disturb - essential for living with MS

Probably one of the toughest boundaries to respect is the need for peace and quiet in order to restore the battery.  It is not unusual for an MS patient, or anyone living with chronic illness, to need to seek a "time-out" from others.  This is necessary for wellness and this is when the "Do not disturb" sign goes up outside my door!

I'm not trying to be rude or unsocial to family and guests, but after many a discussion they realize how important this little gesture is for someone like me.  The ability to just be quiet.  No stimulation - no one talking, no one waving their hands, no noises to distract and hurt the brain.  Just peace and quiet.

Often the "time out" is just a few minutes.  Maybe 15.  Depends on how quiet it is but sometimes it may take an hour to recharge.

There are many ways to create a "Do not disturb" sign.   Found these animal signs online and its pretty cute, especially if you have kids.  In fact if you print these up in black and white and let the kids color them in it allows for more 'buy in' from the entire family.  While coloring and decorating the "Do Not Disturb" signs remember to chat comfortably about your need for "time out" now and then.  It's not that you have gotten in trouble, but your body will be in trouble if the time out is not taken.

Have fun with your sign!  Here are some from Pinterest that gave me a little chuckle:  

Bottomline:  Be in control of your own health.  Set boundaries. Ask people to respect them.  Remind them gently.  Take care of YOU!   

and #takethatMS 


Kim@stuffcould.... said...

Yes I need the peace and quiet several times a day. I say I need to live a boring life 😀 It could be aging? Great post to remind us.

Caroline Craven said...

Aging is a part of it for sure. But MS really takes the cake on this one!

Candy Buckley said...

This is so true! When I get sensory overload, I have to step back and recharge or I'll fall to pieces.

christine bolduc said...

Soo thrue for me too and so hard to get!

Danny said...

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