Free MS Webinars with Certified Life Coach, Caroline Craven

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Change is in the air!

So many of you were asking if we could post recorded sessions with life coach, Caroline Craven, on the website versus having them live on Thursdays.  It was just too much for folks to attend so we made a change.   

MS patients and probably everyone suffering from chronic illness are always on the hunt for tips and tricks to live better with their illness.  After living with MS for over 15 years, certified life coach, Caroline Craven, offers free tips and tricks via four free life coaching sessions:  

"May I Be" The art of moving forward with multiple sclerosis. 

This is a four-part series, three of which have been recorded and posted here on the website: 

The free recorded sessions include tips on how to Be Happy, Be Safe and Be Healthy.  Coming soon is the fourth session on how to Be at Peace.  And one thing I can say about the last session is there may be some yoga involved.  It sure was necessary today bringing me some peace after a very grumpy morning.  These free, recorded sessions are about 30 - 40 minutes but you can stop and start and walk away anytime.  


"May I Be" The art of moving forward with multiple sclerosis.

Part 1:  Be Happy
Part 2:  Be Safe  
Part 3: Be Healthy  
Part 4:  Be at Peace - Coming Soon

Join me as we all say #takethatms!

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