Spa Day! Time to spoil myself rotten.

Holidays are over. A new year has sprung. Feeling inspired and motivated after some glum times, took advantage of the weekend and had an absolute me day!
Started off with several big glass of water, morning decaf coffee, reading and ipad time.
Picked up a few of my favorite reads. Morning excerpts sound good.

Kent Haruf, Pam Houston and Jim Harrison. Just a smidge of their work and my library.

Since the broken toe is still bothering me I went for some bathtub yoga. Put on some music, light some candles, take a nice shower, wash my hair, scrub the body, etc. Once cleansed I let the water fill the tub, sometimes adding sea salts or herbal bath salts.
I grew up with a shower/tub and a father who knew the importance of a four minute shower. For over forty years we lived on septic tanks and through many droughts. Water is the most underrated asset in Los Angeles. This bath time is quite an extravagance for which I am very appreciative.
The Water Wars of California, a very important story, is unfortunately lost on many residents in our beautiful desert oasis. Do you remember the film, Chinatown? Or the more recent, animated movie, Rango? Check them out for sure! The  Los Angeles Aqueduct (photo from Wikipedia) is the cause of much consternation.
Out of respect for water, I use hair products hand made by Daryl GlinnTanner at Divine Response. You can practically eat these products they are so natural. Since we were on septic tanks for many years and as an outdoor enthusiast, I appreciate that all of her products are grey-water friendly. The scents are refreshing but can also have scent free which is nice too.

And oh boy did it feel good!
Scrub a dub dub. And then as the warmth of the water and steam start to soften my muscles, I slide into some gentle stretching positions while sitting in the tub. Now, the tub isn't that big so there's not a lot we can do. But enough to get this MS body in motion. Generally I do a little twisting and some nice forward stretches over my toes while seated, with legs straight. Taking opportunity of all things bath: loofah, soap, pumice stone, nail brush, I am aware of my stretching and movement. 

Everything is done with intention.

Today I used loofah gloves and one of my favorite soaps which Santa delivered in my stocking, l'Occitane's Almonde exfoliating soap. It's gentle but great for getting rid of that winter coat!

The images below show more than I can do in the tub but I don't stop when I get out of the water. (I got this image from They have all sorts of interesting fonts.)
Lubricating the joints and the skin! Now time for lotion. Coconut oil is a natural favorite of mine.
But I also love these natural products by Happy Acre Goat Farm in Templeton, CA, which I used today.

I stretch in yoga type positions and rub lotion on, all with intention. Feeling each nerve and muscle. Rubbing and massaging. Becoming increasingly aware of how my body feels, sinking slower into each movement.
While I am not actually doing yoga, I'm using this time to center myself and to get the body flowing in a gentle way. Tubs aren't large but just simple fold over stretches help a lot. It's the awareness and intention that is most important to acknowledge. Spend time with your body. How is it physically? Mentally? How is the MS? All things to consider while waking up the mind, body and soul.
From this point I can do anything. Its a me day! Garden? Sure! Let's dry some herbs with this cool gift from my sister-in-law and
I added a few herbs to get started and is currently drying and creating good smells in my bedroom. Have plenty more herbs to dry which is good for cooking and bath products. Mmmmmmm.
Then getting a burst of inspiration I pulled out the paints. I recently purchased a book for beginners on painting with water colors. Lots to learn! Started with this one lesson on making a sunflower. Got through stage 2 and went off on a tangent. Then tried a different approach. Not that successful in beautiful art but the time spent outside, on a gorgeous Southern California day, was priceless.

I stopped following the instructions after stage 2 but loved the experience. Just to lose yourself in the day with the delicacy of the brush, the water, the paper and the paints. It's all about controlling the water. As I said, lots to learn.

Time with sunflowers and paints done for the day. Yet so much daytime left! Love these days. And love the connection of water throughout the day. From water conservancy and awareness in the shower to managing water with paints. Wonder what other water relations I will stumble upon?
And then, if the day couldn't get any better, a great friend called and invited me to road trip in Colorado. This will be my MSontheRoad adventure for April. Wahoo! This means spring fly fishing in Boulder or somewhere. Ah, the water source. Here we go! All things water...

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