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Can't feel my finger tips.  Definitely the MS.  Could be the rain and soggy riding I did but that was all good.  The riding is critical for my health.   Been thinking a bit about MS today.  Just read an article about a new medicine by Biogen that might help rebuild the damage done to the nerves with MS.  I still think prevention is the best solution.  Forget the western medicines that cover up the symptoms.  Listen to your symptoms and obey your mind, body and soul!  We all need the western medicines to help us feel better.  But we shouldn't hide our symptoms to the point of not noticing them.  They are red flags.  Whoa, slow down. Take care of yourself.  now!  


Yesterday I couldn't ride.  If the British were coming I guess I could have gotten on, but I had to choose not to because I had a charlie-horse cramp in my right leg for two hours.  Talk about painful.  My fault - big day before.  Rode 3.5 (one was a pony).  Worked, meetings, cooked for a dinner party and entertained.  I was wiped out.  Too much for this little girl.  Today I rode two.  In the rain.  It was nice. Soggy but nice. My muscles are getting taxed to an acceptable level. Last night I had several tangerines.  And decaf green tea.  And whiskey.   This morning was green ShenTrition, Apple, Banana, Juice and Coffee.  I have my weaknesses.  I try for decaf but live with others so the community pot is often half-caf.  I can feel if I've had too much caffeine. I heat up like a radiator with a broken thermostat.  Today I can handle a little caffeine.  I got chilled to the bone.  Not an often feeling for someone with MS.  My body is so unaccustomed to being cold that it doesn't know how to exist. It tenses up, aches for a bath.


My right ankle is sore but that's not from the MS. The pain from MS is different. My ankles is swollen and bruised - from being banged around with stirrups and skimpy boots. And by stretching some taffy tight muscles and tendons.  I found some polo boots I might get. Been using jodphur boots and half-chaps. I feel like I could use a bit more support. I don't have a loud leg but I do make good use of them. 


OK - I'm testing Contribute.  So we'll see if this works.  Then I can add it to my list as I twitter, fb, and plink my way thru life...  

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