Another day with Multiple Sclerosis

I rode three and half today. one was about 12 hands so I only considered it a half. Penny the Pony. They were all fun.

I rested long last night. Something about Multiple Sclerosis - you must manage every aspect of your energy. I was tired yesterday. Really worn out. Light meal, light protein. A warm salt bath. Bed and a good night sleep. I could feel my lifeline burning. Too much. Needed to slow down.

Felt rested today. The sore muscles are giving way. Strangely I'm sore in my lower back. That is new to me. Understandably so as the riding is using long lost movements.

I doubled up on my ShenTrition today. Actually I have been triple dosing some days. Taking an apple with me in the morning. Cooling, healing foods. Soups, Fruit, Cooked veggies, proteins, comples carbs. A nice mix of healthy, flavorful and colorful foods.

I know that I would probably be much healthier if I was more strict with eating mung beans and not drinking whiskey. But, the thing is, I lived like that for awhile. Now I don't mean to be reckless but I enjoy some festivities in my life. Quality of life. Sanity. For me.

With that in mind, is it time for my whiskey yet? no...much more work to be done.

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Danny said...

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