Win a FREE Cooling Headband from CoolTure

Many of you have seen me sporting one of my Coolture Cooling Headbands.   These are one of my absolute favorites to have with me.  They're small and can fit in a purse or small bag.  SO, we are giving one away!

This is an EASY Contest to enter - but the award is quite valuable.

Yes, you could just go to the website and purchase one - especially right now as they are on sale.  And the colors and options are so plentiful!

But wouldn't it be more cool to actually take a picture of you saying #TakeTHATms!

Share it socially and follow @CooltureUSA. That's it and you automatically enter to win a FREE one of these cooling headbands.

In the meantime - let us know what color and pattern you like best:

Here I am sporting my turquoise bandana headband: 

So...How do you say #takeTHATms?  

Winner will be randomly drawn on August 31.  


metaspencer said...

howdy! I've tested out a few cooling headbands myself, and I have to say that I prefer vests and larger cooling gear ... mainly because I feel they actually lower my body temp a bit. I love the FEEL of a cooling headband, but I'm wondering if you think they result in any actual cooling of the body and nervous system? I'm super eager to hear what you think. all best ... and I love the blog! (btw: my MS blog is over at

Dawn Melanie said...

I probably could have used one yesterday when I washed my car. Reel Feel temp was 106 degrees. But I got it done early, had sun coverage and stayed hydrated. #takeTHATms

Alia parker said...

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