Taking action on MS!

How are you taking action on your MS?

Helping others learn what I've learned these last 14 years is my action and I'm loving it. Here I am in Houston helping folks with with MS learn tips and tricks to manage stress and help their quality of life.

After the workshops we received our photo opportunity with Ms Madeleine Stowe, spokesperson for once a day Aubagio for relapsing remitting MS. She does not have MS but her father did. Her stories and experiences growing up are invaluable for us to better living with MS.

Here we are listening to the speaker panel. Invaluable!

I'm on the 15th floor. Funny thing about Houston is the freeway overpasses are the tallest things in use city. Except this hotel, the Fourpints by Sheraton at CityCentre, Houston.

A bit quiet for a Saturday evening. Talk about owning a place. But that's OK. I was at another lovely hotel but it was way too loud for this girl with MS. I moved here and have been absolutely content. Resting, resting and resting.

Saturday evening was beautiful. My view for the evening and again, time to rest and restore the battery.

I'm getting ready to go fishing. Was scheduled to fish with one guide but he got called out of town. I'm waiting for Mark Marmon of Metroanglers.com. Heading out for some carp fishing! Probably not a great day for it but sun is shining and sounds better than a museum or shopping mall. How much shopping can one person do? But fishing...I can do that all the time. Here's Marks website. Heading out in a couple of hours.

And here's to taking action on MS! Helping others and saying "Take That MS"!



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