Take action MS in Orlando!

Dark from night and lack of street lights the big black SUV waits to pick up its target. Me. Girlwithms. Going out in style and heading to Orlando for an amazing http://takeactionms.com event with fellow life experts and the amazing Madeleine Stowe, spokesperson for Aubagio, an MS once a day oral treatment. Madeleine doesn't have MS but her father did. She shares her experiences living with a parent with MS.

LAX is always a fishbowl within which to watch folks. And that's what I did for over an hour before my flight. Mindless, flying. If you've got a driver and watch and no stressors.

A group of 80 employees from a tech company descended on lax. And they did not look Like techies at all! High, high heels, and all dressed up in black or nude. Spray tans, straight or curled hair, everything looking coifed and perfect. Their voices were a bit like cackling hens but they were having fun. 20 year olds in career mode. I remember those days. So long ago it seems from those corporate days to this life of illness and making every day count.

Sitting at Hilton, having a beer. Tomorrow is our event and I'm on from 9:30 to 2. Then fly fishing Sunday. There's so much to do here and I feel pretty stupid leaving after a day but alas, work to be done at home and more.

So, what's with the MS? It's been mellowing lately, due to stress management and more. Honestly my nutritional intake has been crap. I have nothing to credit my recent success except for stress management. It's been the true key to my recent good feelings.

Well, time to manage some stress!

Off to meditate and to breathe deep. Breathe deep my friend, breathe deep.

Check us out at http://takeactionms.com

Let's do this!

And here we are! At the Hilton Orlando helping hundreds of folks with MS learn tips and tricks to managing stress with MS. This information would have been extremely helpful when I was diagnosed 13 years ago. These events are quite the uplift and inspiration for me, meeting so many folks who understand what I am going through. The dynamics of which are still beating strong the day after.

Connecting with folks who have MS is inspiring. Learning ways to manage MS is inspiring. As Madeleine Stowe says during her presentation, so much has changed over the years. The medicine. The knowledge. It's a different world.

And one day, we will find a cure!


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