Living a full day with MS: MSontheRoad, painting, gardening, cooking

Woke up and felt pretty good. Then as the day progressed the body started failing. Legs on fire. Out of control pollen causing havoc on lungs. Saturday means farmers market and I'm ready for that. It also means puttering in the garden and doing some chores. This time of year it also means college football. Now as many of you know, I used to be Puddles the duck and am a very big Oregon fan. I am still feeling crushed by their loss to #5 Stanford on Thursday night. Can't imagine how the players are feeling. But it is a game and there will always be a winner and a loser. And then, another game.

The early morning hours were spent planning my next MSontheRoad adventure which happens to be this coming Tuesday. I'm heading to Rancho Cucamonga, California, and meeting up with a new Twitter friend @Redheadnut, then heading to a local support group, Moms with MS. So psyched! I don't drive much so I am taking the Metrolink.

I'm holding a small workshop on "Managing your MS like an iPhone Battery".

And since RC is a large wine area and because we want to, we are heading to some wine tasting afterwards.

And then hop on Metrolink and head home to hear my folks talk about their trip to Israel. A busy day for sure. But that's not for three days. Time to enjoy today!

As the morning wandered in, we hit farmers market. Love this place...and love my new Earthwise washable produce bags.

Puttered in the garden and watched it grow. Have a new favorite nursery, Lincoln Avenue Nursery in Alta Dena.

Red rain Asian greens. Delicious!

Doing a green garden this winter. Cool greens and some with a little spice. Looking forward to using them.

Feeling a bit tired decided to take a rest and recharge.

As the temperatures rise a bit, around 80F, decided not to walk in the middle of the day. Wanted something different...what haven't I done in awhile?

Remembering my Oregon fishing hole and playing with water colors. Obviously Im a bit of a hack when it comes to painting but love the feeling. Remembering an image in the back of your mind and portraying it on paper with a medium as delicate as life itself. I have a lot to learn in this area...

And now it's that time of day to start working on dinner. Making stuffed acorn squash. Have ground pork, apples, dried fruit, wildrice and pistachio nut meats, which I think will medley up real nice. Sprinkled some cheese and topped with fresh roasted acorn squash seeds.

And it turned out beautifully!

So much for a full day. Evening settles in. Time with the family. Part of a moon.

Sometimes we all just need a midnight snack in life...

Well, this was a wonderful Saturday. So thankful to be. To have greatfriends friends, good memories and great adventures on the horizon.

Living with MS means living the best you can with what you've got. Sometimes it means staying in bed. Sometimes it's conquering the world. Each day is different. Just as each person is individual, so are their struggles with multiple sclerosis. It's time to acknowledge our disease and learn how to make the most of it.

So, Take That MS!


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