Being Thankful and enjoying the Moments!

Ninja nephew ...
Something about the combination of Dr. Seuss' "Oh the Places You will Go" and UFC Affliction tee these guys.
Boys toodling around with state bird and flower concept for each state for MSontheRoad. I have a lot to learn but love the zone with painting. I'm liking the water color as it works a bit like physical therapy for my MS, especially the use of a delicate touch with the brush. Very cathartic.
One tenth of the food that will appear on the table in a few minutes...

Progression of a Thanksgiving, family close. Been a few years since we've all been together and it was a beautiful day. MS has its benefits despite its annoyances. One for me is getting closer to family. I have a rocking family and my two nephews give me a sense of life not experienced before.


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