Wildlife, MS, and the little things in life.

This week has been blessed with several wildlife sightings in my own 'hood. There's something about seeing a deer, free and wild, relaxed and grazing. Unaware.

This little doe popped out as we strolled in Descanso Gardens, a local favorite.

After being still for quite some time I needed to move and knew she'd spook a bit. What a beauty. These deer are protected in the gardens otherwise they would be no where around. It's deer season in many areas.

And then, imagine sitting in your office and looking out your window and seeing a couple of bobcat cubs curious upon the deck. Not sure where mom was...

After a bit they strolled to another part of the yard and started hunting...we have many a rodent, rabbit, and bird in the yard.

While this family has lived in the area for awhile it's not often they're visible at 11am on our deck. What a treat.

Being close to the mountains has its benefits for sure. There's a local bear but I have yet to see him. And it's that time of year...Pop go the spiders!

Check out Charlotte starting to make her web.

Unfortunately, Charlotte doesn't know much about real estate and location, location, location! This web attempt was ended in hopes she would fine a more suitable place to weave.

Well, Charlotte is quite the weaver she is a slow learner. This beautiful web is directly in front of our back door. Another relocation will be needed.

But intrigued to see it at night, we protected the web until the moon came out and Charlotte returned. And honestly I felt bad that I would have to destroy this work of art.

Well, Charlotte came out in all her beauty...with the moon. Enjoy the night Charlotte! For tomorrow change will come.

Being aware. Aware of your surroundings and your self. That is what is needed to manage multiple sclerosis. Awareness. Sensitivity. Attention to detail.

What are the little things in your life that you are aware of?


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