New neurologist, cooler temps, Ann Romney....let's do this!

Just met with me new neurologist. Wow! He's awesome. Totally thorough. A doctor's doctor. So glad I found him. Going back in a month after complete blood work and one more MRI.

These cooler temperatures are great for MS. I met Ann Romney last night at a book signing for her new cookbook. I gave her a card for GirlwithMs. We shall see if she checks us out.

A morning chat...

And a morning free flow wiggle session. Time to get moving!

Psyched to attack the day today.

Cooler temps mean more walks. Love my neighborhood!

And the wildlife is out and about in The backyard. With MS it's so important to appreciate all the little things in life.

Legs on fire a bit but I'm ready to say "Take That MS"!


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