Bee pollen, herbal tea and red wine

I find it fascinating to look back at old posts and see what I was working on and how my MS was doing.  I haven't taken clonazapam/klonopin in years and so thankful to be off of this horrible drug. Hated being on it!  Don't miss it all.  Intereesting to read effects of going off it because never even think about it now.  And so many folks with MS are prescribed this drug for symptoms.  Be careful with it. My supplements have changed quite a bit over the past 4 years along with other bits of this post, but it's intriguing me to read it and remind myself of things that have worked in the past.

Original Post from March 3, 2013:

For the last few weeks I've been reducing my klonopin ever more as I head toward my goal of being off this drug. My doctors say I can take three pills a day. I wouldn't be able to function as it makes moshy pit head syndrome. For the past year I had been taking a half of a pill at night and then another half when I woke up around 3 am. Then slowly reduced it to a 1/4 pill at night if I feel the need. Supposedly klonopin needs to come out of ones system slowly especially if one has been on it for years as I have. A sudden stop could cause seizures. Ironic since the drug is an anti seizure drug. But for now I'm taking a 1/4 of a pill once a day or a couple of days.
What's amazing is the amount of short circuitry and nerviness that has increased since I've reduced the klonopin. Talk about tingling me silly. I swear there is a conversation going on between my left knee and right thigh. Well wait. Actually it now seems like there are a dozen different nerve endings all standing on their soap boxes, shouting at the top of their lungs, "Me! Me! Me! Choose Me!"
But I'm sticking with my plan. I will be off this drug.
In the meantime I'm finding peace with herbal tea, bee pollen and red wine. In fact I'm drinking some Chinese detox tea, Trader Joe's mint tea and bee pollen as I write. My friend just turned me onto bee pollen so this is day one. Here's some info on it:
In addition I'm drinking my shentrition (, taking my vitamins and massaging coconut oil all over my body. Coconut oil is amazing and seems to heal all that ails. Here's my cheat sheet of supplements:
Wine is a supplement? But drinking isn't good for MS is it? No, not really. Alcohol is a toxin and heats up an already MS-inflamed body. So why do I add wine to my list? A glass or two not only tastes great but there are some health benefits to red wine and it is nice to take the edge off now and then. And to take the nerviness down a notch. I am no doctor but have lived with this disease for twelve years and this is what works for me.
What also works is falling head first into a bottle with good friends and family. Been there many times. So, I'm not perfect. Who is?
Life is about living and exploring. Not hiding under the covers.
Today is Saturday. I'm off to thrive in the garden! What are doing to thrive today?


Sherri Abendroth said...

Thanks for the connect on Twitter!

I just wrote a huge comment and it was lost in the vast abyss otherwise known as the internet LOL

Basically, I take Adderall & Verapamil so I can think clearly and participate in day to day life. The Verapamil is for Secondary Raynauds... yucko.

I have always loved a glass or two of wine a day but lately not so much. Even one glass makes me feel sluggish for a day or two...

I'm working on a supplement plan with my husband's help... he's all into the supplement thing as it helps him with his power-lifting adventures and he's kinda old so they make him feel much younger haha

Madza Ali said...

Thanks for sharing your story and good luck to your goal of freeing yourself from drug. Nature by itself is the source of all our medicine and if you are taking some know food supplement with know high nutritional value like bee pollen your body will greatly benefit from this.

Caroline Craven said...

So good to hear about all of the alternative treatments and efforts out there. What's working for you?

Turist said...

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