Motivational Speaker with Multiple Sclerosis MS

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Caroline provides speaking engagements across the country focusing on lifestyle skills to help people live a better life with their multiple sclerosis and other chronic illnesses.

Lively, engaging and inspiring, Caroline has lived with MS since 2001.  After temporarily losing her vision and balance and a diagnosis of secondary progressive MS, she entered into a three year, double blind study for a T-Cell vaccine at the University of Southern California (USC) with Dr. Leslie Weiner, Caroline came out of the study thriving. After three years she learned that she was on the placebo. So what helped her learn to manage her MS?

Caroline combines old and new experiences to survive her illness and to help others.  She is a certified life coach, holistic nutrition educator, an entrepreneur, former horse trainer and adventure athlete, photographer and more, making her a compelling speaker and facilitator in the MS community.

Watch Caroline live as she is interviewed by Madeleine Stowe at  Caroline is featured in episodes 3 and 5.

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Engage with the GIRL with MS and live a better life!
Want to be empowered? Want to thrive with MS?
Caroline's fun, engaging, and inspiring presentations will motivate you or your group to do something good for their health AND give them the tools, techniques, and tricks to do it.

Caroline offers private sessions, groups, seminars and workshops on how to manage your life with a chronic disease to the fullest. From holistic nutrition to life stress analyses, Caroline will help guide you to a more empowered life. Each event is tailored to give the audience exactly what they need and ends with a set of action steps to get started improving their life!

As a certified life coach, Caroline focuses on a holistic lifestyle changes and treatments for chronic diseases such as MS.
Caroline's experience, her inspirational story and her personable manner inspire people to connect and engage.

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Stephen Walker said...

Comment by: Stephen Walker

Hi Caroline,

Would love to hear one of your motivational talks.

Sadly, I live in Scotland and California is a long trip for someone who has MS and doesn't travel very well.

I wish you all the best in your search for a cure for MS.

Caroline Craven said...

Thank you Stephen! I'll have to come to Scotland!