MS in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Our Tour is about to start!  A scenic float trip down the snake river.  Camera is ready and so am I. We arrived two days ago. The weather cooperated and the Tetons showed their stuff.

 We took a leisurely hike yesterday to Christian Pond. The MS stayed at bay and I was able to walk the whole way.  It was not a long hike but we are at some elevation. And it was Gorgeous!  
The boys played with a frisbee that Tauck gave them as part of their care package for the tour.  We start in Jackson Hole, travel to Yellowstone then on the Cody and Mt Rushmore. 
I took a solo lunch yesterday with cheddar cheese soup and a Pako IPA from a local brewery.  The weather has been cool but I've been wearing my Arctic Cool shirts just in case.  Just knowing that they can cut the heat a few degrees...  I'm going to be away from internet and wifi and unplugging for a few days. Then I'll be back! 


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