Are you ORANGE? Time to moji!

Time for the #OrangeMoji 
It's easy:
For demo click here: How to #orangemoji on #youtube or on video below:
With World MS Day happening on May 25th, we’re excited to announce the kick-off of OrangeMoji, a new initiative of the Our Voice in Song program with music artist and multiple sclerosis (MS) advocate, David Osmond, to help raise awareness of relapsing MS.
The purpose of Our Voice in Song program is designed to engage, inspire, and motivate people living with MS. The OrangeMoji initiative supported by the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation is a part of the program. OrangeMoji provides a fun way for people living with MS and their friends and loved ones to help spread awareness of MS and express their “I Can Do This” spirit by creating their own personal emoji.   To participate you’ll need a black marker and an orange, which represents the official color of MS awareness. Here is how it works:
  1. Grab an orange
  2. Get a marker and decorate your orange with a face
  3. Snap a photo of your OrangeMoji
  4. Submit image here, and participants might be selected to join an exclusive listening party with David.
Click here to hear more from David about OrangeMoji and watch a quick demo!
I hope you’ll create and submit your own OrangeMojis and consider sharing it with #OrangeMoji on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to help us spread the word about this new initiative. 
Another great way to say #Takethatms
So I took my #orangemoji camping over the weekend. Fun stuff! 

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