Painting to Survive - PC594

We all find a way to survive. But what if surviving means trespassing, painting murals on the freeways and
running from authority?

Living with excruciating pain, brushes strapped to her hands, one MS warrior paints to build awareness.  She paints.  And she paints.  Political statements.  World issues.  Stories of life through murals. She paints. And she survives.  Despite the hospitals, diagnoses, and a failing body, Lydia Emily continues to fight the multiple sclerosis that is ravaging her life.

Born into a family of social activists, LM was destined to make people look at things differently. While MS is not genetic, such traits as tenacity, passion, perseverance can come from one's parents and environment.

There is much to be learned by watching Lydia Emily in this new film about survival, ms and a whole lot of life.  With just a handful of days left for the Kickstarter campaign we are searching for the last $15,000 needed to launch this great project.

Click here to show your support today.  

Thank you Bluprint Films for bringing us such an inspiring project!


Unknown said...

Thanks for such an amazing introduction and story about Lydia Emily!

Mark weins said...

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