Going Solar!

What an experince...donating time and energy to help others with solar installation and cheaper utility bills. Recently introduced to GRID alternatives by my dear friend, Barby, of 26 years. After becoming oriented as a volunteer installer, I was able to spend the day in San Miguel, California, on what ended up being an absolutely beautiful day. For those familiar with the area, they know how incredibly hot this place can become.


But today, a break in temps. Perfect for this GirlwithMS. Though cooler in temps we need to be careful of sunburn and the elements. Due to my MS and bad balance, I stayed off the roof. Even though everyone was buckled and snapped in safely, it wasn't worth the risk to me or anyone.

I forgot how much fun it is to play SAFELY with power tools. And to be working with a group of such motivated, incredible peeps. Talk about karma!


Putting muscle to it as I bend the conduit.


I had to take a rest after lunch, which was an incredible pot of homemade Pozole. Wowza it was good! Had two servings. Then had to rest a bit in the car. Body was rebelling like no ones business.

After I rested and used some cooling peppermint oil on the back of my neck for a quick pick me up, I joined the others for the rest of the day. Everyone was so attentive to my wellness and MS but not enough that it distracted anyone from work. It was just BiG LOVe all around!

By the end of the day I was so sore! Muscles hadn't been used in awhile were screaming for some aroma touch therapy (massage!).

We drove home and headed to my friend's son's championship baseball game. Unfortunately they lost but it was a great season and I was so proud of our team.


It was tough to see the kids lose after working so hard. To them it was a loss. To me I was so proud they had reached this level. So much about life, about everything, is perspective. 

I can get down easily when I focus on the losses from my MS. But if I can think of the positives, of the advantages, well, it's just a better place for my mind to go.


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