When Peeing in One's Pants is all we have.

Ever been out with folks that don't understand the MS bladder issue? As in when it hits, get out of the way or watch out because I dont have a diaper on? Well just had one of those nights. Had a beautiful dinner with some folks at an English pub type restaurant. We got home and wham, bladder needed evacuating now! Someone started joking around and taking their time. Desperately I signaled to him, "I need to get in". He didn't get. He often doesn't anymore and refuses a hearing air which might help. But instead I lost it as I felt the bladder release down my leg. Let me the F In the door! Well that didn't help. Finally I got in and ran to the restroom but it was all too late. Another pair of clean jeans that needed washing.

Why, if some understands what we are going through, makes us suffer so? Is it us or their own personal issue that blocks progression?

A frustrating time.

Putting things into perspective I know this person to be upset about getting older. Why take it out on me? But it is what it is. We are all aging or ailing accordingly. Put up our dukes and deal. Put up our dukes.

What's one of your frustrations? And how do you put it in perspective?


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