Friends, Road Trips, Forgetting About MS

Sometimes it just seems necessary to forget I have MS. Put caution to the wind and just enjoy life. Not worry about what I am eating or doing. What the weather is like. What the activities on the agenda are. Just to forget and live the moment free and clear.

But please note, that while I put caution to the wind, I did pay a price with my MS. Came home to a several day detox and boy did I need it! A couple video clips after the weekend, a morning chat and some free flow movement.

Throwing caution to the wind is tough to do with an Autoimmune disease always nagging at your heels. There is always something I could do better to manage this disease. But sometimes you just want to say, TakeThatMS! While it may not be the physical solution to your problems, it may be the mental solution. That's what it felt like to me.

This past weekend I took advantage of schedules, friends, good weather and fun times, driving north to central California coast via hwy 101.

Quintessential California coast, train tracks, strawberries ready for harvest, palm trees and Santa Barbara off in the distance.

We took a quick pit stop at Refugio State Beach with its magnificent display of Palm Trees.

As the Hwy winds away from the ocean and up and into the valley we are devastated by the lack of green. Not surprised, but very sad. The drought is wrenching havoc on our agriculture. Most livestock has been moved to wetter grounds.

Then we headed to the quaint town of Los Alamos to Bedford Wine Tasting. We met Stephen, the owner, and had a nice local chat about.

Some amazing chalk art at the winery and a little taste of spring outside.

The next day we headed to Creston to see a long time friend and cutting horse rider, Patti Bello, at her winery, B & E Vineyards.

Yes, while it's fun to throw a little caution to the wind, I did pay the price. Junk food, eating out, wine tasting. Just a couple of days can change you. I felt quite inflamed after this weekend. No doubt, right?

Now time for some healing and anti inflammatory action!

Pomegranate tea, detox tea, Bragg's apple cider, Shentrition and mung beans make for an MS healing diet. A couple of days of this and I feel back to new!

What a great time with friends, Playing games, celebrating Valentines Day. Not being forgotten.

Yep. Friends, road trips and just being free for a day or two can make a real mental difference.

Now it's back to work and managing my MS. Lets do this!


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