My Life with MS

Check out the article that David Lyons wrote about my life with MS. Thank you David! Together, all of us, we are going to #BeatMS

Caroline Craven, the Girl with MS
My story via @everydayhealth.

Not all great MS stories come from competitive athletes, bodybuilders and fitness contest winners. There are stories that inspire, motivate and encourage from those who suffer from MS and choose to fight the disease through health and fitness without looking at the prize attached to a contest.
Caroline Craven is an individual who takes control of MS through many different aspects of health and exercise inside and out of the gym. She blogs, tweets and social medias her way into the lives of many to lift them up and help them on their MS journeys. Caroline tells us about herself and her goals in today’s blog and inspires us all to stay active and enjoy our lives. Here is Caroline’s story in her own words:
MS Fitness: Are you simply surviving or are you thriving?
In 2001, while traveling throughout Guatemala with some friends, my vision and balance started waning. Fast. Approaching the airplane to return home to Los Angeles, the local vendors chattered about the “American on drugs” as I stumbled through the airport, palms splayed on walls. But I hadn’t taken any drugs, and I didn’t know what was wrong.

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