Falling Leaves and Regenerating Life with MS

Imagine shedding your MS symptoms as the trees in Fall drop their leaves...
As the leaves turn yellow and red, and begin to fall, we know winter is around the corner. All of those beautiful leaves that shaded us during the summer and protected the birds and wildlife falling into what seems the death of winter. But is this death or a dormant time to regenerate?
Visually I imaging dropping my old, icky MS symptoms, as the leaves fall. What am I tired of? What do I need to do for my MS to improve?
Knjowing that come Spring time the trees will regenerate new life, new leaves, then so will I and my MS. This is the time for me to define my disease. I have my limits, boy do I have limits! But visualizing and defining my new leaves is just what I need right now. New leaves. New MS.
Listening to the dry, delicate rain of dying leaves, my mind imagines how these individual aspects of being area alling, only to be replaced with fresh new life at a later time. This is the visual I want for my MS: shedding the leaves of old knowing that new, fresh life will occur.

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