Orange is the new Black

Ever feel like a prisoner to your MS?

Then you can probably relate to the Netflix's sensational hit, Orange is the New Black. A smart woman made a bad choice and she's paying the price in prison. While MS is not caused my one bad choice, its easy to feel prisoner to ones symptoms when bad choices are made.

Just the other day a dear friend was over. We were having dinner and decided on nachos. Then we expanded to queso. Wow. Tasty as the dickens.

Well. I couldn't stop. I kept eating these flaxseed type chips with this amazing concoction of ground beef, pinto beans, herbs, salsa and cheese. The operative word here is the cheese.

And before long the entire bowl of fat, salt, dairy and calories were down my throat and into my belly. While it all tasted great at the moment, the next day was filled with paying the price. The sodium and fat sent my MS symptoms skyrocketing. I felt like a ton of sludge hit my lower gut and was taking everything down with it. Or in fact not letting anything down with it.

Time for help! Time for some homemade Alkalyzing juice of dandelion greens, kale, apples, cucumbers and ginger.

So, Take That MS! And here's to a day of cleansing, sporting some orange and getting things done!

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