Montel Williams gets it more than I realized

Last week I participated in Montel Williams Google+ hangout. It was amazing! I've actually never heard him speak even after thirteen years with this disease. And boy was I impressed. Obviously to be as successful as he is and dealing with MS he knows some of the right stuff. And it's not all medical! Montel discussed the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. That every day is a new day with new symptoms and new chances to survive.

This couldn't be more true! I get tired of folks saying, "Oh, you look great, are you in remission?" Noooo. I'm not. But I'm managing every single aspect of my life to keep my disease at bay. This means eating foods that may not taste that great but they are good for you. It means waking up every day and asking your body, "OK, so what are we doing today?" It's about learning to trust your body even though it has failed you time and time again.

How does one trust a body that isn't trust worthy?

This is my biggest challenge recently. Learning to let ego and expectations go. Learning to let go let God. Everyone has a different resource for trust and faith. Mine is God. Whatever yours is, it will behoove you to let go and let life flow like the river it is.

Often I think of a white water river when my MS acts up. There's no point in fighting it. Like the water rushing through the rapids and rocks around. Sometimes you just have to sit down, hold on and shut up. That's what I often do with MS...and it seems to work!

So, #TakethatMS. And here's to a rocking Sunday!

BTW, do not try this at home. Rafting a class IV rapid on the Kern river in a Kmart special without helmets is just plain ignorant. But we were young and professional river guides...


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