Who am I Today?

Found this from 4/20/15:

MS is random yet predictable making it difficult to make plans, especially in the summer and warmer months. Each morning as I stretch and pray and visualize the day, my body is analyzing itself. What will I be able to do today?
I'm I feeling spunky and creative? Ready to flow with the river of life?

Or mellow girl needing quiet and time to rejuvenate?
Morning analysis is necessary for surviving and thriving with MS. We can make all the plans in the world but if we don't listen to our bodies each and every day we will find ourselves in a major relapse just as I did last spring. Over SIX weeks of relapse! It was so not the way I wanted to spend my spring. And it was all of my fault. I mismanaged my disease.
MS is a disease to be managed. It is no different in some ways to alcoholism or diabetes. Diet, environment, self-control and smart decisions make for a healthy life. The opposite degrades the body at a rapid rate. I do not always make smart decisions. I am weak.
But when I do, it feels so great!
I am not the only one effecting my decisions in life. Family, friends and commitments all play a role. But it is my responsibility to tell these people, educate them on the ills of MS, so that I am not pressured by their decisions. Even after ten years of this disease I find myself describing the same issues to family members. You would think by now they would have a better understanding but until you are in someones shoes it's difficult to imagine. So that's one of my goals with The Girl with MS is to help put folks without MS in the shoes of someone with this varied and random disease.
Here's to thriving with MS!

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WIld Child said...

The greatest part of your demonstrative posts are that I can share them with my family and friends. Sometimes it is so hard to express properly "how it feels". Your descriptions and insightful quips are a lifesaver -- thank so much for taking this on!! D