Benefits of Yoga for MS

From improving balance to decreasing numbness and tingling the benefits of yoga for multiple sclerosis are seemingly infinite.

This morning I woke weak and nervy from my cold.  A long awaited yoga practice came to mind.  Not that I was at my strongest or my best but it had been too long.  So with iTunes set for my yoga collection a free-flow practice began.  Finding my center and moving from there my body began to tear apart like taffy releasing toxins and evil negative energy.  Somewhat gracefully but mostly awkward my MS started to subside, seeping away as my hips sink deeper into pigeon.  Bear hug brought relief for tension shooting sparks through fingertip nerves.  Ending with shavasana after shoulder stand and wheelbarrow released stress as my neck and head settled into the ground.  Nervy noni is still here but definitely better.  A critical use of time.  And one I oft forget.

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