Horses and MS

I haven't been writing but I've been riding.  Thankfully to good folks at Flintridge Riding Club providing me with a wonderful variety of horses to exercise and play with.  The riding takes energy.  And I found that I don't have the use of my hands as much for typing after a good day of riding.  That is OK - I will taking riding on a beautiful, sunny Caifornia day anytime!

Interesting year thus far.  Photography has gone commercial with my new online website service.  Stock photography here we come.  And insurance application is in for horse training/instruction. 

This month has been enjoyably busy with  What a blast.  Agriculture.  Business.  Start-up.  Friends.  Could life get better?

And did I mention my newest project horses?  One is "bear" but I call him "moose".  and a little old guy named "tucker" needing some rehab.  It's all good.  Beautiful, sunny skies to ride under.  Once the rain has stopped.  Like today. 

I've had major numbness and pain with my MS but not sure how to deal with it, except take better care of myself.  Hmmmm.   Yes, that does sound good.  

I have another glass of water and meditate before bedtime.   that is a small but critical effort for me.  Baby steps are fine.  We just need movement. 

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