Hints for having a rockin' MS day

It doesn't hurt starting with a sun-shiny day. One of those Southern California October days.

Just warm enough to hang a line of clothes out but cool enough at nights to feel that fall is here. I'm always washing bandannas but let's admit it, they are about one of the more useful tools around: lunch carrier, sweat-mopper-upper, instant cooler-downer when dunked in ice water, napkins (let's rid ourselves of disposables!). But these days I'm happy with enough sun and warmth to line dry some clothes.

Next comes some time in the garden and kitchen, slowing down, thinking about fall planting, blending herbs and butter. Lots of butter.

Today we had an abundance of tarragon and some fresh fennel greenery. We added it to our swiss chard, garlic, butter, carrots and chicken mixture. No need to add meat unless you're a meat eater. Just put lots of stuff from the garden together in a sauce pan with lots of butter of low to med heat for a long time. just simmer away. Go do something. well, don't burn down the house, but literally, let the veggies just soak up the butter and flavor.
I use special chicken and stock that my mom makes for me. Yum. But all in all, just add the six-bean mix from Trader Joes and some left over pasta or not and voila, a tasty soup for the Fall.
I ate my soup with a big salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese and pine nuts. Some lettuce greens. Vinegar and oil. I'm sure you can make this lo-cal or something but that's not the point.
We are cooking off the farm and butter is handy.
Hints for surviving MS:
Enjoy sun-shiny days
Eat fresh food
Soup. Never underestimate the soup.
Pine nuts - good for kidney yin
Cucumbers - cooling food
Grow your own food, even if it's just one plant!
Love the land we live...

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