Today is Today

Strange but peaceful day. Had straight caffeinated coffee this AM and it sent me through the roof. About thirty mins of yoga later, bathe, meditation and I felt some what OK to ride. Hmmm. it all went well but I felt out of sync with myself. The horses were great - bringing a sense of rhythm to me. Pepper was good. Just moving her forward - off the spur. The spooking is a stupid habit she picked up. she just needs to be ridden through it. All my ranch friends would be laughing at me. She needs a whoa and a go. Learn how to carry herself naturally then go for the details. She's a quarterhorse. Stock quality. Quick little mare. Probably good in the cutting arena. I need more guts. Today was fine but I don't have my turn-back seat yet and it shows. The others were all good. I was the one being bad today. They all carried me today.

So what does this have to do with MS? so much. Today was an off day. But I worked through it. I took my meds, I did my yoga bits, I drank my ShenTrition, ate my apple...meditated and breathed my way into a rhythm with the animals. Thus bringing a rhythm to me. Sometimes I think MS is a sign of getting out of whack - and we just need to be whacked back into place. Gently whacked that is.

I start to tense during the morning. Can I ride them all in time? Time for what? to get the car back. To end at noon because that is the habit I have started. To not wear myself out. Today was fine. Six is the max. for now.

The MS has been testing me lateley. I've been needing more nutrients. More water. More rest. More health. And I've been giving in. Mostly all good. Yesterday was wine tasting in Los Olivos. Always a good time. Breakfast at the Pharmacy in Montecito, a drive up the pass, shopping at Jedlickas, a #28 from Paninos, Rusack picnic area, Beckman all works. But today, back to the grindstone. Marketing work. Nonprofit work. Horse work. A lot of work. Just not much money. Oh well. Life is good and I'm enjoying the heck out of it.

Off to bathe and meditate a bit before my evening responsibilities. Charni is speaking about her experience in China and I'm going to the BBQ sort of. I have no meat to bring or anything but will figure it out. I just want to hear her speak. Very nice and intelligent, talented woman. So, it's the Tournament of Roses cocktail party (maybe) and then the club. First of all, it's time for some me-time. Some taking care of me. Gentle care for the MS girl...

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