ReNew YOU: Session 2

30-Day ReNEW YOU Challenge - SESSION 2

Building Acton Items and Resources 

1.  GOAL: 

Upgrade my MS Health


These are an extended list of what was written in Session 1.  Expand your mind and stretch your limits.  What is it that will take you to your destiny?    My action items are chosen because of my goal.  I know that when these are taken my health will improve.  

1. Yoga
2. Exercise more than 20 minutes for 3X/week, increasing to 5X
3. Eat healthier:  Choose greens, low sodium, minimize processed flours and sugar. 
4.  Write in my MS app = keep track for my records/health. 
5.  Journal my activities for accountability.
6.  Be aware of the changes as they happen.
7.  Do not procrastinate - keep things moving. 
8.  Choose gentle herbal teas over coffee/caffeine/alcohol
9. Choose foods that have medicinal qualities for my MS.  Not aggravators but helpers, those that get me to my goal.  Put taste buds, cravings and instant satisfaction aside and go for HEALTH!  

3.  BECAUSE  I’m taking the actions above, the following will happen:

1.  Energy will improve.
2.  Nerves will be calmer/spasms less intense. 
3.  Cog-fog will lessen and eventually go away.
4.  Sleep will be better - it already is! 
5.  Work will become easier.
6.  Skin, heart and overall health will improve from less stress.
7.  Digestion will improve and gut integrity will return.  
8.  Happiness and confidence will grow.   
9.  My pain will decrease bringing comfort and joy.  

4.  Create an affirmation sentence for each action item:

ex:   “Because I chose to do yoga today, my nerves will be calmer and my spasms less intense which will reduce my pain and allow me to feel more comfortable and more capable.”   

This session should be practiced each day:    

WHAT action item are you going to do TODAY and what RESULT will it bring YOU?

If you have questions, please contact me and make comments below. 

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